Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy is the application of evidence based nutritional and lifestyle science in the promotion of optimal health, peak performance and individual care focusing on the cause rather than the diagnosis or symptoms of disease.
Ruth Green Nutrition works closely with their clients to understand their history whilst taking into account interactions among genetics, environment and lifestyle, which can influence long term health and complex chronic disease.


The functional Model

Nutritional therapy interventions are based on promoting overall health and wellbeing for the client. The dynamic approach of the functional medicine model is to understand the balance of the body, and address the interconnecting body systems and functions to promote and improve health and wellbeing.


Functional and diagnostic testing

Individual nutritional support for those with health issues may require changes in diet and lifestyle with support over time. Functional and diagnostic tests from a broad range of laboratories may be recommended to the client when it is considered further information is of benefit to both the client and practitioner to support therapeutic interventions.

Nutritional consultations
Ruth Green Nutrition runs a successful clinic in Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire providing one to one consultations for children teens and adults. (Skype consultations also available upon request)
The consultations provide personalised nutritional and lifestyle programmes, which are safe and effective to support the client in achieving their health goals.
Before your initial nutritional consultation you will be asked to complete a detailed health questionnaire. The questionnaire supports Ruth Green Nutrition with an understanding and overview of your health, diet, lifestyle and goals prior to the initial consultation.

The initial consultation
The initial consultation allow Ruth Green Nutrition to gather all the relevant information needed to understand and assess your health, health history, goals, current diet and lifestyle habits. After this information is gathered, an explanation of findings is given before negotiating your personalised nutritional and lifestyle programme.

After the consultation you will receive:

• A summary report detailing your goals and explanations

• Personalised food and lifestyle plans

• Recommendation for any functional and diagnostic tests (if required)

• Supplement protocol (if required)

• Letter sent to your GP


The initial consultation may take up to 1-½ hours.


Follow up consultations
Follow up consultations typically occur every 3-6 weeks depending on requirements. The session is used to measure progress, reassess goals and discuss any diagnostic or functional test results. Adjustments to the original nutrition and lifestyle programme are assessed during the follow up consultation.

After the follow up consultation you will receive:

• A summary report detailing your goals, progress and explanations

• Updated personalised food plans and lifestyle plans (if required)

• Further recommendation for any functional and diagnostic tests (if required)

• Further supplement protocol (if required)

The follow up consultation may take up to 45 minutes. 



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